Matias Quiet Pro Keyboard

Based on its earlier and popular Tactile Pro keyboard, Matias’s Quiet Pro ($150) is sure to appeal to discerning typists. The original version was inspired by Apple’s well-respected Extended and Extended II keyboards; Quiet Pro preserves the same look but swaps the noisy keyswitches for Quiet Click switches. They’re said to maintain tactility while eliminating most of the clicky noise you’d expect from such a keyboard. We know some people love the classic noise, but this version might make your officemates happier.

Matias makes both PC and Mac versions of the keyboard, so Apple users can get the keys they’re used to, including command and fn. There’s also a full number pad on the right, a rarity among modern keyboards. The keys aren’t flat like Apple’s current lineup, but rather raised and sculpted so your fingers rest comfortably on them. Three USB 2.0 ports allow for the keyboard to act as a hub for your accessories.

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