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Matias’ Wireless Aluminum Keyboard ($99) is a Bluetooth alternative to Apple’s Magic Keyboard, but it does more than connect to your Mac. Wireless Aluminum Keyboard can pair with up to four devices at once, via Bluetooth — your Mac, in addition to an iPhone, iPad, even any Windows or Android devices. Four keyboard buttons allow the user to switch back and forth between devices. Those buttons are located just above the attached keypad, which you won’t find on Magic Keyboard — though the design does largely mirror Apple’s larger wired keyboard. A micro-USB cable is included to recharge the keyboard’s large battery — Matias claims its keyboard can run for a full year on a single charge. Wireless Aluminum Keyboard comes in silver, gold, space gray, and rose gold, for obvious reasons.

Wireless Aluminum Keyboard won’t require too much adjustment for frequent Mac keyboard users. The top row of function keys are the same, and the Fn key is present as well, though it’s been relocated above the arrow keys. The keyboard is wide, at 17.35”, so make sure you’ve got the desktop space. Matias’ keyboard also weighs more than a pound, but with the weight distributed throughout the keyboard’s length, it doesn’t feel hefty at all. Typing is done at a slight angle, as the large battery in back elevates the top of the keyboard. Switching from device to device is done easily with the four separate Bluetooth buttons, just like on Kanex’s MultiSync Aluminum Mac Keyboard. You likely won’t need all four buttons to be connected at once, but it’s a nice feature, regardless. And if the product’s name didn’t give it away, Matias’ keyboard is indeed made of solid, sleek aluminum. Its plastic keys are on the bouncy side.