Matrox DualHead2Go Digital ME

As of today, most Macs support a single external monitor—only the 15”/17” MacBook Pros can daisy chain two Apple Thunderbolt Displays at once with their built-in hardware, and iMacs can add a Thunderbolt Display to match their own screens. Since many users would prefer not to spend two grand for twin monitors, say nothing of possibly having to replace their Macs, Matrox has come up with a different solution: DualHead2Go Digital ME ($179). This breakout box connects to Macs with Mini-DisplayPort or Thunderbolt ports, stretching a 3840×1200-pixel desktop across two DVI displays.

Available starting June 2012, the DualHead2Go Digital ME will connect to monitors using two full-size DVI ports, which are still more widely supported than Thunderbolt. You can run multiple apps across the screens, or stretch programs such as Photoshop all the way across, depending on whether your two monitors are right next to one another or separated somewhat. Since the DualHead2Go is powered off of USB, you don’t need to worry about freeing up a wall outlet; the USB cable’s included, as is a Mini-DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable. It may not be as elegant of a solution as making direct Thunderbolt Display-to-Display connections, but it could end up saving you quite a bit of money.

Nick Guy

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