Micromuff Micromuff

Being able to shoot hi-def video on your DSLR is pretty great; it can save you a ton on equipment. But like anything else where you’re saving some money, there are sacrifices to be made. In this case, we’re talking about audio quality. Wind noise can ruin your video if you’re not using an external mic setup. Well now there’s another solution: Micromuff (£13/$22), from the company of the same name.

Made of high-quality acoustic fur, the baffle blocks wind noise from any angle. Installation is simple: a Velcro ring ships along with the Micromuff. It fits right over the mic, and then the muff can be attached or detached as necessary. The company lists compatibility with most of the popular Canon and Nikon bodies. The list isn’t exhaustive; Micromuff will fit on any camper with a mic opening of less than 6mm with 16mm of space around it.

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