Microsoft OneNote

Although Microsoft doesn’t offer all of its OS X software through the Mac App Store—the Microsoft Office suite is conspicuously missing—it does have a handful of titles available for download. Today, that list has grown by one with the addition of OneNote (Free). Long available for iOS (and of course Windows PCs), OneNote is a digital notebook similar to Evernote that allows you to take notes and sync them across various devices using the cloud.

The app supports multiple notebooks, each of which can have multiple tabs and support pictures as well as text. Some suggested uses include taking notes in class, making shopping lists, or putting together collaborative documents to share with a team. No matter what platform you’re on, everything’s going to look the same, which may sound like a gimme, but is important. The small print says OneNote is free “for a limited time,” so you might as well grab it now before it costs anything.

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