Mobee i-Vesa iStand, iStand Duo + iStand Duo Pro

Mobee, best known for its wireless charging accessories, is expanding its product family with a whole new sub-brand called i-Vesa. The lineup is composed of three different mounting options—iStand, iStand Duo, and iStand Duo Pro ($797-$1147+)—tall metal holders for iMacs and Apple displays. While iStand holds a single unit, the Duo models hold two, with iStand Duo stacking them on top of each other, and iStand Duo Pro placing them side-by-side.

Each model comes with desk mount and a 100cm aluminum bar, but you have the option to upgrade these components. For $100, you can switch to a floor mount, and an extra $200 gets you a 150cm bar. Also available is a support for current-generation Mac Minis, which attaches to the bar, and goes for $299. The iStand family works with any VESA-compatible Mac, including the iMacs with built-in adapters.

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