Mobee Technology Power Bar

Along with Magic Feet, Mobee has one more product to show off at the 2012 International CES, and it’s something that we’re especially excited about. For many Magic Trackpad users, Power Bar ($30) is going to be a very big deal. Breaking from the company’s usual trend, this battery pack doesn’t use conductive technology. Instead, it’s packing a Micro USB port that let’s you recharge from one of the cables that is likely already dangling from the back of your machine… or sticking out of your wired keyboard, if you’re rocking one of those.

For the same price as Apple’s Battery Charger, you get a solution that never has to be removed. The Power Bar battery pack stays in your Magic Trackpad at all times. When the 10 day charge is up, just attach the included cable and in about six hours, you’ll have a fully charged input device. We can even picture some people who aren’t concerned about a totally wireless desk leaving it plugged in at all times for a constant charge, assuming that’s safe. Either way, it’s a smart new product that we’re excited to check out at the show.

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