MobileAge Shanghai Mahjong

Mahjong: it’s not just for grandmas in tea houses any more. The iOS App Store has been littered with also-rans for a few years, but MobileAge has stood head and shoulders above most rivals with its premier title Shanghai Mahjong ($2)—a “concentration-style” tile-matching game that’s now available for the Mac. Featuring realistic graphics, dozens of free downloadable tile sets, and the ability to personalize the backgrounds, it is a gorgeous iteration of the classic puzzler, challenging you to deconstruct stacks two tiles at a time.

While currently on the first version, 1.1 will be popping up shortly. Updates include the ability to set customizable rewards in the form of funny, inspiring, or weird fortunes, keep track of statistics across layouts, and the addition of even more tiles and backgrounds. Let’s be honest here: you’re not going to play this type of Mahjong unless a computer stacks the tiles for you. Now you really don’t have any excuse. It’s a one-click download from the Mac App Store.

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