Moshi iVisor Air

Although we’re generally pretty big fans of screen protectors for Apple’s pocket devices and tablets, installing film can be a big pain. If you don’t get everything lined up perfectly on the first try, you might be out of luck; even if you do, you may be forced to accept dust and air bubbles trapped between the film and screen. That’s why Moshi’s iVisor Air ($37) for the MacBook Air is so appealing; it reduces glare, fingerprints, and other issues on your MacBook’s screen, while eliminating installation issues.

Rather than using adhesive across the entire protective surface, iVisor Air is only sticky around the MacBook Air’s bezel. This makes installation much, much easier, and completely gets rid of ugly bubbles and dust. Plus, it can be taken and off, washed, and reused if need be. Although it’s not explicitly sold as an anti-glare film, Moshi does say that iVisor Air reduces glare to a degree—always a good thing—while ensuring the clarity of the display. Far more optional for MacBook users than for iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch users, iVisor Air is nonetheless a viable option considering that Apple doesn’t offer multiple screen finishes for its Air models.

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