Moshi TeraGlove

The Onion got it right when it said that 90% of your time is spent in front of glowing rectangles. If you’re going to be staring at them all day, you might as well keep them clean. That’s why Moshi came out with TeraGlove ($16), a screen cleaning cloth that’s designed to work on your Mac, iPad, iPhone, or iPad—really any of those rectangles. And no, it’s not just another cleaning cloth.

In the package are two pieces: TeraGlove and an empty spray bottle. The glove is a square of padded microfiber with a pocket big enough for four fingers on the top. Once you slide your hand in, you can get started removing smudges and fingerprints right away. And if there are any stubborn spots, fill the spray bottle with plain old water, squirt some on to the glove, and you’re good to go. The material doesn’t require any special chemicals or solvents, and thanks to its shape, it’s easier to leave sitting next to a computer than a floppy old cloth. It’s the typically sharp design we’ve come to expect from Moshi.

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