Moshi Zefyr 2

Under light usage conditions, Apple’s base-model MacBooks, Airs, and Pros tend to run almost silent and pretty cool to the touch, but there are times when even the latest power-sipping machines can get hot. So it’s great that Moshi’s just-introduced Zefyr 2 ($80) to cool them off, using a unique folding aluminum housing and three-speed, USB-powered fans. One model is designed to accommodate any Apple laptop from 13” to 17” in size.

Zefyr 2 is placed under the MacBook’s rear corners, gently elevating the keyboard off the surface of a table, and provides a roughly 15-degree Fahrenheit reduction in temperature for a machine under 100% CPU load. Redesigned significantly from the first version, the new Zefyr includes two extremely quiet fans within its smaller housing, and comes in Mac-matching silver rather than the prior model’s black. A simple power switch and integrated pass-through USB cable are both tucked into the unit’s back side, too.

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