MotoArt Airplane Desks

If you liked the Restoration Hardware Aviator Wing Desk we featured last week, then you’re going to love MotoArt’s Airplane Desks (~$5,500+). These guys are the real deal: actual repurposed plane parts, modified to become your new work surface. That’s assuming, of course, that you can work with the distraction of something this awesome sitting immediately beneath your Mac’s screen.

The company uses a variety of different airplanes in its pieces, including the B-25 Mitchell Bomber, Fairchild C-119 Flying Boxcar, and McDonnell Douglas DC-9. Glass is fitted over the top, providing you with a flat surface and a cool view of the inside of the plane parts. MotoArt claims that each desk gets 120 man hours of labor before delivery to insure that it looks great. Prices vary wildly from piece to piece, and are offered solely on a per request basis; executive-style desks made by the company start at $5,500, while smaller ones may be had for a little less, and more deluxe desks can go for $10,000. Start saving those pennies.

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