Motu MicroBook II

Looking to make some music on your Mac without breaking the bank—or your back? The upcoming MicroBook II ($269) from Motu will likely be right up your alley. Not only is it a studio-grade system at a reasonable price, but the box is also designed to be completely portable. Coming in at only 5.5” x 3.5” x 1.25” and packed into a rugged metal case, it’s easy enough to slip into a bag without worrying about it.

In addition to being small, MicroBook II is powered over USB 2.0, eliminating the need for an extra power cable. Despite its diminutive size, you still get a full featured audio device with four inputs and six outputs. Plug in a mic, guitar, keyboard, or whatever other instruments and you’re good to go. Better start clearing out your garage for band practice.

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