MW3D-Solutions Cheetah3D

In the Apple world, there are plenty of things you can buy for a hundred bucks: an iPhone 4 or an Apple TV, for example. Believe it or not, 3D modeling software is on that list too. Cheetah3D ($100) from MW3D-Solutions costs the same as a pair of iPod shuffles, but it’s no slouch. This Mac App Store title, designed specifically for OS X, is made to be easy to learn and to use but is a full and powerful CGI solution.

For the price, Cheetah3D seems like a smart choice for hobbyists as well as those who take their work more seriously. Not only can you create models, but the app allows you to animate and decorate them too. MW3D-Solutions suggests the app is particularly well suited for iOS development. It’s just been updated to version 6.0, which adds tons of new features such as the Bullet physics engine and more—over 200 in all.

Nick Guy

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