Nikon J1 and V1 Mirrorless Cameras

The camera community has been expecting Nikon to release a mirrorless rival to Sony’s popular, smaller-than-DSLR interchangeable lens cameras for quite some time, and it finally happened last night: Nikon actually debuted two of them. The J1 ($650) and V1 ($900) bodies will both be available towards the end of October, sharing sensor technology, a new “CX” lens mounting system, and still/video capabilities, while diverging in body designs and frills.

Although J1 and V1 are distinct models, they have pretty much the same specs; V1 just has some upgrades. Both have 10.1 megapixel CMOS sensors, hybrid phase detection/contrast autofocus options, shoot 1080i60 HD video, and have electronic viewfinders. Nikon is claiming that the cameras sport “the world’s fastest autofocus,” and have been engineered to provide a superb balance of speed, usability, and image quality in a small form factor. With V1, you get some extra features such as an electronic viewfinder, electronic and mechanical shutters, broader accessory compatibility, a stereo input, and a magnesium alloy body. J1 has an internal flash and will be available in an array of five colors, while V1’s flash is external, and the body can be had in white or black. Both cameras will be sold as kits, including 10-30mm (27-81mm equivalent) lenses at their respective price points.

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