NimbleBit Pocket Planes


NimbleBit Pocket Planes

NimbleBit’s games are the kind that suck you in and refuse to let go—at least one member of our staff had a pretty bad Tiny Tower addiction until he quit cold turkey. The developer’s latest title is Pocket Planes, including the just-released free port to the Mac. Once you’ve loaded it, good luck pulling yourself away from this airline simulator.

Pocket Planes is presented in the same 8-bit style as Tiny Tower, and tasks you with managing a fleet of airplanes as you travel around the world. You must maximize your profit by getting passengers and cargo to their destinations as you upgrade new planes and airports. Although you can buy in-game currency, you really don’t have to unless you want to rush things along. One of the coolest parts of the Mac version of Pocket Planes is iCloud syncing, which allows you to pick up the game from your iOS device and vice versa. Despite reports that the iCloud feature isn’t working properly, the rest of the game is ready to be enjoyed right now.

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