NLU Products BodyGuardz for MacBooks


NLU Products BodyGuardz for MacBooks

To say that we’re fans of MacBook-protecting film would be an understatement: this is the very first accessory we order after buying a new laptop. Burned by Zagg InvisibleShield films that yellow and go brittle over time, we switched to NLU’s BodyGuardz ($22 and up) and haven’t looked back. The glossy clear film is eye-catching enough that Apple Store employees have asked us where to get it, and durable enough that we feel safe carrying MacBooks around with nothing else – or tossing them into bags for travel.

Initial installation requires patience and a little skill – read our past Backstage articles and watch NLU’s installation video for tips on how to moisten and then properly align the film, avoiding dust and removing air bubbles to guarantee a perfect shine. Once it’s done, your MacBook will look like it has received a car-like layer of clear coating, capable of resisting scratches on its largest surfaces, and even modestly absorbing small potential dings. The only downside is the price: a full set of film costs $50, but you can save a few dollars by buying top and bottom film while leaving out the unnecessary wrist and track pad covers. Alternately, you can buy film just for one surface, starting at $22. Two to three years after installing BodyGuardz, our aluminum MacBook Pros and Airs look brand new, and replacement film is free for the computer’s lifetime, so the full investment’s worthwhile in our books.

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