Nothing Magical Redacted

While advanced photo editing tools such as Photoshop can certainly allow you to do things like apply blurs in order to hide private information, or “redact” images, it’s definitely overkill if that’s all you want to do on a regular basis. And of course, not everybody even keeps these kinds of “pro” tools on their Mac.

Nothing Magical Redacted

Fortunately, if all you’re looking to do is redact documents or screenshots, however, Nothing Magical’s Redacted ($5) offers an inexpensive and quick solution. Simply drag-and-drop the image you want to work within into Redacted and drag boxes over the sections you want to hide.

You can even choose from three different redacting styles — pixellate, blur, or a simple black bar.

Redacting coverage blocks can also be expanded, moved around or deleted, and you can quickly select all redactions at once and remove them.