NVIDIA Quadro K5000 for Mac Pro

Wait a second—a new peripheral for the Mac Pro? It’s been ages since we’ve seen virtually anything designed for Apple’s workhouse tower, but NVIDIA apparently hasn’t given up on the big old Mac yet. Announced today and coming later this year is Quadro K5000 ($2,249), one heck of a graphics card. It retails for just a few bucks less than the base Mac Pro itself, bringing improved performance and 4K video support to the table.

A followup to the Quadro 4000, Quadro K5000 is based on Kepler architecture and is said to offer two times faster graphics performance. The card is loaded with two DVI-DL ports, another two DisplayPorts, and 4GB of graphics memory. If you’re really serious about performance, up to two of these guys can be tossed in a Mac Pro. While it’s hard to imagine spending this kind of cash on a video card for gaming, professional-grade applications can benefit from the K5000’s rendering and resolution capabilities.

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