OWC Mercury Aura Pro Express SSD for MacBook Air

You love your MacBook Air. And you should! It’s fast, it’s thin, it’s light. But the SSD is a bit light on capacity, too. Eleven-inchers are stuck at 128GB; 13’s maxxed out at 256GB. You’re eventually going to need more space. Luckily, Other World Computing is on the same page. It’s pumping out SSD upgrades for the 2010 editions of the MacBook Air called Mercury Aura Pro Express ($480-$1,580). They’re not cheap, but they pack more capacity into those little chips than Apple’s drives.

Ranging from 180GB up to the brand new 480GB model, these SSDs are a perfect replacement for what comes inside the Air’s chassis. Having more storage means that the MacBook can really become a road warrior’s machine. The drives are even faster than the ones that Apple previously included, with speeds up to 275MB/s. OWC even provides all the tools for the installation and instructional videos, so you’ll be up and running with plenty of space in no time.

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