Panic Coda 2

Panic Coda 2

If you code web sites on your Mac, Panic’s Coda is probably already one of the key apps in your arsenal. Years after its original release, Coda is about to receive a huge update with the release of Coda 2 ($50-$100), which is coming to the Mac App Store on May 24, 2012.

Over 100 new features are being added, including changes that radically improve the user interface—and let you work across two different devices at the same time.

There are too many new features to list them all, but some of the more important ones include code folding, scrolling tabs, GUI pop-ups for CSS, and a MySQL editor.

A major addition for iPad users will be Coda 2’s ability to run in tandem with the new Diet Coda iPad app, enabling the tablet to display live previews of pages currently being coded on the Mac. If you’re going to download the app, we recommend doing so as soon as possible once it’s released: it’ll only cost $50 during the first day, before it shoots up to $75—a price Panic is calling “upgrade pricing for everyone.” At some point after that, it’ll return to the full $100 level.