Parallels Software Parallels Desktop 14

Apple’s latest macOS release is just around the corner, and Parallels is ready as usual with Parallels Desktop 14 an updated version of its eponymous virtual machine software for Macs. The latest version not only brings support for macOS Mojave and the latest Windows 10 updates, but also promises to deliver a number of really useful optimizations, increasing the performance of running Windows applications while using less disk space and memory than the prior version.

The update also boasts over 50 other new features, including Dark Mode support, new security and privacy features, access to Quick Look and Continuity Camera using your iPhone, improved OpenGL support for better video performance and support for more advanced graphically intensive applications, expanded Touch Bar support for Windows and additional Windows applications, improved Windows 10 maintenance, better monitoring of CPU and memory resources, and a whole suite of additional tools in the new Parallels Toolbox. For users looking for even more advanced features, there’s also a Pro edition of the software for developers and power users for an annual $100 subscription that provides the ability to allocate up to 128 GB vRAM and 32 vCPUs to each virtual machine, along with network simulation tools, Microsoft Visual Studio plugins, and additional VM profiles targeted as designers, developers, and testers.

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