Pelican 1070CC HardBack Case

There may be a time when you need a case for your 11” MacBook Air that will get you through any situation. Designed for all scenarios, Pelican offers the stylish 1070CC HardBack Case ($85) with a molded foam insert, and non-skid rubber feet. Waterproof, crush-proof and dust-proof, the 1070CC is the rare MacBook case that can survive pretty much anything. Perhaps more important than those features is that Pelican offers a lifetime guarantee, providing a little extra peace of mind for precarious situations.

The polycarbonate body and latch offer complete protection in virtually any scenario, while a shoulder strap lets you carry it around easily. While it’s small enough to fit the 11” Air, there’s enough extra space in the soft liner to accommodate a 13” Air, as well. It’s a rock-solid option for creative professionals who might not know where they’ll be going on any given day.

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