Plant Based Worml

Strictly speaking, the functionality offered by Plant Based’s Worml ($4*) isn’t unique to this new Mac App Store release, but this developer has pulled off peer-to-peer file transfers in a cool and easy way. Worml creates ultra-simple file-sharing connections between two machines in a manner that’s actually pretty similar to Lion’s native AirDrop feature, except with some real advantages: you don’t need to be on the same network as the person you’re sharing a file with, and soon there’ll be support for Snow Leopard too.

The concept is simple: launch the app and a spinning wormhole appears on your desktop. You can then drag and drop a document, link, text—really anything, there’s no size limit—onto the wormhole and send it to anyone else who’s using Worml. If they’re not Worml users, you can send a direct URL-style link to the file on your machine. Since it’s a Mac App Store title, you can install it on all of your personal machines, which could be great for families sharing files. We think it’s worth checking out at the introductory price of $4; we may reevaluate that position depending on how high the price goes, though.

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