Power Support Air Jacket Clear Black for MacBook Pro

Japanese film and minimalist case maker Power Support has been a favorite of iLounge’s editors for years, even though it has radically cut back its product lineup since the iPad was released. The company’s completely clear Air Jacket shells for MacBook Air caught our attention years ago; now it’s offering Air Jacket Clear Black for MacBook Pro ($75-$80), which lets you tint the exterior of your Retina display-equipped MacBook Pro.

Only 1.2mm thick, this version of Air Jacket follows in Power Support’s longstanding tradition of precisely fitting Apple’s devices—the $75 (13”) to $80 (15”) prices aren’t cheap, but the quality is high. Top and bottom shells are included in the package, along with four rubber feet that can be inserted to reduce the MacBook’s slipperiness on a desk. All of the ports are accessible, and a completely clear version is available if the darker tint isn’t to your liking.

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