PowerbookMedic My Devices

Yes, Mactracker offers plenty of great information about the different generations of Apple products, but My Devices (Free) from PowerbookMedic digs deeper into something you might care about more: your Apple products. It’s kind of like Apple’s My Support Profile page, but with a lot more info about the components inside each of your Macs and other devices.

The whole process is super simple. Start by typing in your serial number, and once you hit enter, all of the relevant info about your machine will pop up. Not only will you get a list of specs, but you’ll also find production information including rough date and factory of manufacture details. From there you can find and order replacement parts, search for compatible accessories, set up repairs, and even track your gadget if it gets stolen. Sign in with Facebook, Google, or a number of other accounts and all the info is saved for you for when you need to come back to it. It’s pretty cool, especially for being free.

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