Promise Pegasus J2 SSD Thunderbolt Storage Solution


Promise Pegasus J2 SSD Thunderbolt Storage Solution

Promise is racing to create the fastest—and most expensive—external solid state drives around. The Pegasus J2 SSD Thunderbolt Storage Solution combines two costly technologies—SSD storage and Thunderbolt connectivity—into a palm-sized package. Retailing in Apple Stores at $799 for 256GB or an astoundingly high $1,499 for 512GB, the drive does have some impressive features that aren’t immediately obvious.

Rather than using one SSD, each has two SSDs that can be set up in a RAID 0 or RAID 1 configuration. Respective read and write speeds of 750MB/s and 550MB/s are quoted, and if accurate, they’re quite impressive. Those speeds slow if the drive is being powered over the Thunderbolt port, so the company includes an A/C power adapter. Amazingly enough, no Thunderbolt cable is included with either drive.

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