QuickerTek AirPort Extreme AcHex Upgrade

QuickerTek has a proclivity toward making various Wi-Fi accessories, including add-ons for Apple’s base stations. Its latest product is AirPort Extreme AcHex Upgrade ($199-$598). Made for those who love the most recent AirPort Extreme and AirPort Time Capsule, but are dissatisfied with their range, the antenna system boosts the router’s output to three times its normal strength.

Seemingly a bit of a kludge, the system actually requires professional installation—it’s nothing something you can just snap onto your own AirPort Extreme. For $199, you can send in an existing AirPort or Time Capsule, and QuickerTek will install the system for you. Or, they can send you a fresh router with the antenna already installed, for a $199 premium over Apple’s standard prices. For a lot of people, it might make more sense, and be more affordable, just to install an AirPort Express for an wider Wi-Fi range.

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