Rabbit, Inc. Rabbit

If you video chat on your Mac, you’re probably using Apple’s Messages or FaceTime apps. But even though Messages includes multi-person conferencing and a Theater for sharing files, the features are limited and somewhat buggy. Rabbit, Inc. is setting out to update video chat on the Mac with its new Rabbit app (Free), which is currently in closed beta testing.

Rabbit is designed to run in the background, enabling your contacts to pop in and out whenever they’re online. It’s easy to set up chats with any number of users, unlike the hard limit of four simultaneous people on Messages. The biggest advantage of the app seems to be sharing: Rabbit allows you to easily share videos and music from YouTube, Hulu, Spotify, and a number of other apps. It’s kind of like taking Google+ Hangouts to the next level. While the app’s in beta form, you can sign up for an invite on the company’s website, or get one from a friend who’s already in.

Nick Guy

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