RadTech RadSleevz

Looking for a super simple sleeve for your MacBook? Something that’ll add virtually no thickness, but still keep the machine protected? RadTech has the answer for you: minimalist sleeves called RadSleevz ($25-$30). Tailored versions are available for all current model Apple notebooks—as well as classics like the iBook and PowerBook G4—in your choice of six different colors. We’re partial to the gray.

Made from an ever-so-slightly stretchy microfiber material, RadSleevz fit tightly around your Mac—truly like a soft glove. They’re ideal for sliding your MacBook into any shoulder bag you might be using, but can serve just fine on their own. On top of that, you can use them to wipe down the display of your computer, or put them under the laptop’s bottom for padding on rough surfaces. Cosmetically, they seem like no frills solutions, but some of our editors have used and really liked them; they feel better than they look, and look just fine.

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