RadTech ScreenSavrz iMac Screen Cover

If you’re going to be carrying your iMac into the Apple Store, leaving it unused for long periods of time, or just want to keep it free of the kids’ fingerprints, RadTech’s ScreenSavrz ($42-$55) might be for you. Now available for the most recent 21.5” and 27” iMacs, these screen covers come in a variety of colors, as well as a leopard print pattern.

ScreenSavrz are made out of the same Optex cloth RadTech uses for its sleeves—a very thin material, but resilient against tearing or fraying. A drawstring right in the center of the top edge allows you to tighten it to your liking. When not stretched over your computer’s display, the cover can be used to polish the iMac’s screen, or that of any other device you have lying around.

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