Raffael Hannemann MyPhotostream

We have to agree with developer Raffael Hannemann: “Photo Stream on OS X is broken.” While it works seamlessly on iOS, accessing pictures from iCloud on the Mac requires using iPhoto, which for all its merits, has become bloated and slow, especially over the past year or two. That’s why we can get behind his new app, MyPhotostream ($4). All it does is display pictures from Photo Stream in a reverse chronological order.

Open the app, and it’ll start importing your library right away. You then get a preview of each of your photos. Double-clicking any of the photos brings up a larger view, from which they can be easily shared or downloaded. The app comes as a seven-day free trial; paying $4 unlocks the full version. We wish Apple had as simple a solution as Hannemann has created, but we’re happy to have the option of using this one.

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