Razer BlackWidow Keyboards

Razer long ago established itself as one of the premier brands in computer gaming hardware. Now it’s really digging down into the nitty-gritty of it all with its most recent BlackWidow keyboard ($80-$140). The external design of the three keyboards in the line goes back years, but it’s what’s inside the most recent editions that’s noteworthy. Razer has come up with its own mechanical switches, and says they make for a better gaming experience.

Available in both clicky and silent iterations, the new keys are more durable than before, have an optimal actuation point—how far down a key must be pushed to register—and take half the distance to reset. For gamers relying on every button push, small details like this can make a big difference. Razer’s not keeping the technology all to itself; the switches will be available to other manufacturers as well.

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