Realmac Software Clear

First released as an iPhone app in the winter of 2012, Realmac Software’s reminder application Clear garnered a lot of attention for its cool looks and inventive interface. Our review found it to be beautiful and fun, but lacking in features. At least one of those issues is being addressed with the launch of the Mac version, which arrives on November 8 at a fairly steep $15 price.

Like the iPhone edition, Clear for Mac takes advantage of Multi-Touch gestures to augment its minimalistic design. While there still aren’t geofences or timed reminders, this app and the accompanying update to the portable version include iCloud-based syncing. If the price is a concern, users who pick Clear up on launch day will pay only $7—a bit more palatable. It’ll be $10 for the next few days after that, before rising to its normal price.

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