Redrock Micro Nano Universal Bundle

If you’ve ever bought a stabilizing rig for your DSLR, you know the choice can be tough: if you make the wrong decision or need additional add-ons, the cost is all on you. Redrock Micro has eased some of the pressure with its Nano Universal Bundle ($1,276), which helps you grip a camera while reducing the natural shakiness introduced by quivering hands and your heartbeat. The entry cost is steep, but you get parts to build seven of the company’s popular small rigs, and enjoy a dramatic savings of close to $1,500 compared to buying each rig separately.

A lot of the savings comes from the fact that many of the individual components are used in multiple rigs. The bundle is made of of 15 pieces that combine into all of the different configurations. Designed as an entry-level set, the Nano collection perfect for everything from photojournalism to travel.  You may only need one or two basic setups to get started, but chances are your needs might change. Luckily, you’ll already have everything you need at your fingertips.

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