Re:form Designs Crunching Numbers G4

Devoted Mac users often keep their old computers around gathering dust, a reality that Re:form Designs has created a seriously cool repurposing business to address. Following up on an earlier version that used prior-generation Power Mac G3s, Crunching Numbers G4 ($600+) is the latest design from the company, turning two Power Mac G4 towers into one of the nerdiest tables around.

Every piece is custom made by the company, so no two are exactly the same. Re:form offers plenty of options to personalize the table, ranging from different finishes on the towers to different colors for the giant spring that connects them. Add $60 for handling plus additional shipping charges on top of whatever customizations you may choose and it’s certainly not a cheap option, but not crazy expensive, either, and certainly unique. If you’re looking to go even more old school, the earlier Crunching Numbers G3 is still available.

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