RetroConnector Disk II Styled USB SD Card Reader

One might think a company named RetroConnector focuses on finding ways to plug into old technologies, but it’s actually up to something a little different. On its Etsy store, the brand sells miniature accessories based on old Macs and their peripherals. Take Disk II Styled USB SD Card Reader ($50), for instance. If you ever had a floppy drive for the Apple II, this will look quite familiar.

Made to read SD cards, this unit is quite a bit smaller than its inspiration, and it connects to your Mac with a built-in 16” USB cable. You have your choice of a beige, unpainted black, or white exterior. Thankfully, there’s a red glowing light on the front for that throwback feel. RetroConnector includes a sheet of SD card stickers to make the media look like tiny floppies, too.

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