Rockpool Designs CableStrip

Cords, cords, cords. Apple’s trying to reduce the need for them, but they’re not going entirely way, and will still clutter our desks and yours for some time to come. We’ve seen many cable organizers over the years, but few have been as simple or inexpensive as Rockpool Designs’ CableStrip ($10).

For half the price of what Apple charges for a single USB cable, Rockpool gives you two of its cord organizers. The idea is to attach the edge to the side of your desk, and then string up to five cables through the holders sticking out at a 90° angle. These rubber holders have some give, allowing you to pull the cords in and out without difficulty, but they’re narrow enough that the plugs will hold the cables in place. The Apple matching white coloration doesn’t hurt, either.

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