Rovio Mobile Angry Birds Space

Statistically speaking, there’s a better than good chance that you’ve already played Angry Birds in one of its now numerous forms. Fans of the uber-popular franchise have been excited by the news that a brand new version was on its way, and now it’s finally landed. At the same time as it debuted on a number of other platforms, Rovio Mobile has brought Angry Birds Space ($5) to the Mac App Store, and this puzzle game is very cool—ready to fill all your intergalactic pig smashing needs.


Your goal in this new game is the same as it ever was: slingshot birds at pigs who stole their eggs. This time, the action’s obviously set in space. That means gravity plays a big role here, dragging your attackers towards planets and adding a whole new spin on the game. Of course there are a few new birds with new abilities, and plenty of hidden secrets to find. The graphics have been updated a bit—we can’t help but think of Super Mario Galaxy—and the sparing, menu-only soundtrack has a sci-fi feel, too. Sixty levels are included with the download, and free updates are promised; Rovio’s always been good about getting those out and stretching the value of your purchase.

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