Think about how much time you spend searching on your computer. Whether it be on the web, rummaging through your file structure, or using Spotlight, chances are it’s a sizable chunk of your day. It makes sense then to have one centralized app for all your searching needs. That app exists, and it’s called Alfred (Free), from Running with Crayons. Alfred helps you find and launch any file or app on your computer, search the web, and more, all from your keyboard. Just hit your custom hotkey setup, type your query, and hit the on-screen combo to open your result.

If you’re looking to get even more out of Alfred, the Powerpack is available for £12 (about $19) for a limited time before it goes up to its full price. This is set for normal people and power users alike. It adds features such as an iTunes Mini Player, Address Book, and email integration, as well as Terminal shell scripts, AppleScripts, cross-computer sync and more. Alfred’s also available form the Mac App Store, but that version hasn’t been updated yet.