Samsonite Aluminum Attaché

Metal boxes imply important, top-secret contents—they’re the stuff of James Bond movies, the President’s nuclear “football,” and even Apple’s classic iPhone 3G commercial. If you’re looking for an affordable way to upgrade your MacBook to secret agent status, Samsonite’s Aluminum Attaché ($300) will help you create the same aura of mystery and importance. It’s actually available on the company’s website and from Amazon for half the MSRP—a pretty reasonable deal, really.

The exterior is composed of durable aluminum, so it can take a fair amount of bumps. Inside, there’s a dedicated padded laptop compartment that’s large enough to hold even the largest MacBook Pro. In addition, there are plenty of pockets in different shapes and sizes to carry the rest of your stuff. And for those of you worried about the wrong person getting his or her hands on your machine, combination locks keep the case closed. You can self-supply the handcuffs to keep the handle attached to your wrist during missions in the field.

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