Satechi BT Wireless Smart Keyboard

Satechi has been working towards the ultimate keyboard experience for Mac users for nearly a decade. The newly-released BT Wireless Smart Keyboard ($55) is its latest attempt at a compelling multi-platform keyboard device. Designed to sync with 5 devices at a time, it’s an ultra-efficient keyboard for users with productivity in mind. Using the keyboard’s function key in addition to the 1-5 number keys, users can seamlessly switch between connected devices.

The lightweight silver metallic top and whisper-quiet keys are reminiscent of Apple’s wired Mac keyboard, though with a plastic frame. Sleek and measuring only 0.7” thick, the BT Wireless Smart Keyboard can be used up to 33 feet away from a connected device for around 21 days on a set of two AA batteries, or connect using USB to a computer. Coming standard with multimedia keys for instant media control, the BT Wireless Smart Keyboard also has a numeric keypad.

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