Sauder Studio Edge LS 1000 Workcenter

As the spiritual successor to the desk used by one of iLounge’s editors, Sauder’s Studio Edge LS 1000 Workcenter ($200) offers iMac, Mac Pro, and Mac mini users an affordable and fairly elegant way to set up a computer—maybe even two—in a corner. With twin tempered glass tops that are capable of holding even a 27” iMac with plenty of room to spare for peripherals and desktop work space, LS 1000 has a pewter-painted steel frame that works nicely with the lighter-colored aluminum Apple computers. A corner nook is right-sized for a printer or fax machine, assuming you still have a need for one of those.

Continuing the minimalist glass and metal design language of Studio RTA, a company it acquired some time ago, Sauder’s LS 1000 design still has a familiar slide-out metal keyboard tray beneath one of the glass surfaces, and distinctive legs to support all the weight on the glass. A plate on one leg provides support for a Mac Pro if you want to place it there, and levelers under the legs can adjust the desk to create a level surface on uneven floors. All you need is space for the Workcenter, which measures 65” wide by 65” deep.

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