Seagate Backup Plus Fast Portable Drive

Not every new hard drive shown off at the 2014 CES was a crazy expensive piece of art. Take Seagate’s much more standard looking Backup Plus Fast Portable Drive ($270). At a little over half the price, it delivers four times the storage. That’s right, this portable hard drive packs a whopping 4TB; that’s a first for a drive that’s meant for travel.

Seagate claims that the 2.5” portable drive is the highest capacity on the market, and we can’t find anything to dispute that. It’s bus powered, meaning data and power travel over the same USB 3.0 cable without the need for extra cords. The drive itself is fast too, with speeds up to 220MB/s. Add in Seagate’s mobile device backup feature, and this drive could be quite handy for road warriors.

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