Sigg Metal Water Bottles

Drink more water. Waste fewer bottles. Look good doing it. Sounds like a plan, right? From our perspective, the best way to have it all is with a Mac-matching aluminum or stainless steel water bottle from Sigg ($15 and up, $22-$25 as shown). Ranging from a kiddie-sized 1/3 liter up to 1.5 liters per bottle and with close to 200 designs and styles, chances are high that you’ll find something you’ll like—a lot—regardless of whether it resembles or just accents your Apple gear.

Take the Wide Mouth Sport, for example. It has a convenient detachable top and just happens to match the aluminum and black plastic design of your MacBook Pro to a T. If you want to go with a different style, check out the Heritage Black, which evokes the darker screens of iMacs and the sadly discontinued black MacBook. At a full liter, this screw-top model will keep you hydrated all day, and you can clip it on to your bag when you’re out and about. All of Sigg’s bottles are free of BPA and other harmful chemicals, so you know this is a safe way to store your water.

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