Silva Limited Custom Bamboo MacBook Case

Sometimes opposites attract – it’s the whole yin and yang thing. That’s why the Custom Bamboo MacBook Case ($180) from Silva Limited gets us so excited. Bringing together natural, handworked wood and the aluminum and plastic of your 13- or 15-inch MacBook Pro leads to balance—and results in a really handsome way to carry around your computer.

Custom Bamboo MacBook Case is like a briefcase made from a solid sheet of bamboo. The top portion comes off when it’s time to insert or remove the computer, and snaps on the hand-cut leather band to hold the case shut. Silva Limited applies Tung oil to bring out the look of the grain and two coats of polyurethane to give the case a hard, glass like finish. What’s best about the whole thing? Everything is handmade by a guy named Justin, just because he loves this stuff. Rock on, Justin.

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