Skype Limited Skype 5.2

Sure, Mac users love iChat and are warming up to FaceTime, but Skype is still an incredibly popular multi-platform audio and video calling platform. If you just can’t get enough of showing your face to people over the Internet, Skype’s newest version, Skype 5.2 (Free) is out and ready to go. Some of the “new” features may look familiar to Mac owners, but they’re all pretty useful.

What’s included in Skype 5.2? First, the call control bar now supports video—this means that you can minimize Skype and still keep your video chat going, which is perfect for when you’re trying to multitask. The other new feature, group screen sharing, does just what it says and is only available to those with Skype Premium subscriptions; they start at $4.49 a month with a one-year commitment. The membership also gives you unlimited calling, group video calling, live chat customer support, and a 25% savings on certain HD webcams. Skype remains available outside of the Mac App Store.

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