Sleeptracker Sleeptracker Elite

Your Mac probably has something to do with the fact that you can’t sleep at night, so you might as well use it to wake you up better in the morning. That’s exactly what Sleeptracker’s Sleeptracker Elite ($179) is for; it’s a computer-assisted intelligent alarm clock-like solution that analyzes your sleep patterns. If the technology sounds like something out of a dream, don’t fear—we’ve actually been testing one, and it works.

The solution is composed of two parts: a watch that monitors your sleep patterns, plus software for your Mac that helps analyze the findings. Instead of using the watch like a normal alarm, you input a window of time in which you’d like to wake up, and let Sleeptracker Elite find the point at which you’re most ideally rested. In the morning, you just hook the watch up via USB and transfer the data into the application. Your Mac will graph out all the different sleep events, so after a week or two, you’ll start to see the patterns and understand what factors affect your sleep schedule. Even after only a few days of testing, we noticed that we felt more rested, a nice and surprising little improvement.

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