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SmallCubed SigPro

If you like getting fancy when signing off on your e-mails in Apple Mail, you’ll appreciate what SmallCubed’s SigPro ($25) has to offer. Recently given a major update for macOS Sierra, SigPro carries on where Apple Mail’s built-in signature options end off, allowing you to not only specify individual signatures for each of your mail accounts, but also distinct signatures to be used for each of your mail aliases on a single account. It goes far beyond this, however, with advanced dynamic signature features ranging from including account-specific info like your e-mail address while using the same signature block across multiple accounts, to including random quotations, the song you’re listening to in iTunes, your latest blog posts, and even a Skype button for your contacts to quickly reach out to you with a click.

For even more power and flexibility, you can even configure SigPro to call a shell script or an AppleScript at the time of message creation, allowing for endless possibilities to pull in data from a wide variety of sources, such as weather conditions or animated GIF repositories. Built-in support for iTunes also allows you to show what you’re listening to, and you can even set up different iTunes summary blocks based on whether your music is playing, stopped, or paused. Complex HTML markup is also supported so you can get as creative as you’d like.

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