Snupped SpaceSuit

Customizable cases are easy enough to find for iPhones and iPads, but there aren’t too many options for Macs. Thankfully, Snupped makes personalized Mac cases, and the lineup includes SpaceSuit ($50+). Available in pretty much whatever size you need, the vinyl and rubber sleeve can be had with any of more than 60 pre-designed images, or your own uploaded photo.

Once you’ve specified your machine’s size, you get to choose from the myriad designs Snupped has available, and see it reflected in real time on a mockup. By default, the front and back get the same image, but you can pay $10 more to have different pictures. For free, you can choose the interior color, while optional handles cost $7. Every SpaceSuit zips shut, and is padded to protect your Mac.

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